Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre
Join us for our 44th season in the Smoky Mountains

About the Theatre – 44th Season
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Once the sun goes down in the Smokies, what is there to do? Bored with TV? On Country Music Show OVERLOAD? Kid’s eyes bulging from video arcade glare?

On your next visit to the Great Smoky Mountains, head for Pat & Don MacPherson’s Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre, Gatlinburg´s ONLY Musical Comedy Entertainment Attraction and the OLDEST Purveyor of Professional, Live-On-Stage, Original Musical Comedies, outrageous humor and hilarious fun in the Smokies.

The unique format used at our theater hearkens back to the old Music Halls of the 1890s. Our multi-talented performers take turns adding their uniqueness to the inevitable comic mayhem for which Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is renowned.

The theater opened in Gatlinburg in 1977 and since that time has been recognized as one of the most innovative and unusual professional theater companies in the country. Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre was proclaimed a National Historical Treasure by the city of Gatlinburg and recognized by the 112th Tennessee State Senate.

Over 30 original musical comedies have had their World Premieres at the Theatre, with many of these productions going on to play in cities throughout the country, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

So loosen your corset and head for Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre TONIGHT for lots of laughs and musical fun! We guarantee your visit to be a lasting memory of side-splitting laughs, outrageous comedy and hilarious fun for all. Be assured, an evening at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is always a surprise, where no one knows what may happen… including the cast.

Located at Traffic Light #3 just around the corner from Ripley´s Aquarium of the Smokies – Gatlinburg.

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