Chris MacPherson

ChrisCast / Director
Chris began his acting career at the tender age of 6 right here on our stage. He toured the country with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus as Crunchy the Clown. Fortunately for all of us,he ran away from the Circus and came home. Chris is currently designing a steam-punk version of Ronco’s famous in-the-egg, egg scrambler, and adding to his enormous silly-putty collection.

Jennifer MacPherson-Evans

Cast / General Manager
Grew up, well at least got older, right here at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. She has a crazy Welsh man as a husband and four brilliant children .Her mental state is negotiable. Jennifer enjoys singing “Oklahoma” underwater, a good pun, or even better a bad pun, and those lovely rare moments of lucidity.

Christopher L. Sullivan

Christopher L. Sullivan Has spent the last 16 years of his life entertaining people from the stage or in the circus ring and we are delighted to have him here at Sweet Fanny Adams. His favorite color is purple. He enjoys romantic long walks to the post office and sandwiches (who doesn’t). Has has lived on a train in the rain and in a house with a mouse, but never on a boat with a goat.

Stephanie Butters

This is our lovely Stephanie’s first season with us. She came to us from New York by way of Kalamazoo Michigan, Sandwich, Ohio and Juno, Alaska. She spends her days on a motionless ocean liner and evenings enchanting our patrons on our stage. In the little free time she has, she designs hamster enclosures. Please don’t let her tell you her favorite limerick. You will regret it.


Our Illustrious Founders

Pat MacPherson

Pat MacPhersonCo-Owner, Consultant & Full-Time Granny
Pat has danced her way across Europe, starred in her own TV show, wowed them in Las Vegas, been in movies, written more than 30 comedies, and charmed the audiences at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre for years. Although she no longer graces our stage, she is the busiest retired person we know. Sadly, Pat has lost her favorites pair of false eyelashes somewhere in the theatre. They answer to “Fred”. If anyone should find them, please notify animal control immediately.

Don MacPherson

Don MacPhersonIn Loving Memory to the sweet man who always looked on the bright side of life. We love and miss you every moment. Rest in peace our dear Rogi. (1940 – 2010)
Don was born when he was very young and has not aged a day since. When lucid, his creative mind spills its contents for all to enjoy and ponder. In his spare time, Don enjoys directing, acting in strange musical comedies and running the family business. His day job is top secret but, rumor has it, he is fashion coordinator for the military’s summer line of camouflage.